35. How Fatphobia Sabotages Healing with Victoria Welsby


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If you haven’t “met” Victoria Welsby through her Fierce Fatty podcast or book, Fierce Fatty: Love Your Body and Live Life Like the Queen You Already Are, then allow me to introduce you! You’re going to want to hear what Victoria has to say about fatphobia and how our own internalized fatphobia can greatly sabotage our best efforts to become intuitive eaters and heal the way we feel about our bodies.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Victoria’s story of overcoming homelessness, abuse, and internalized fatphobia.

  • Her stumbling upon Regan Chastain’s blog, Dances with Fat, and this being her first introduction to the idea that she doesn’t need to change herself and try shrinking her body.

  • Fatphobia. What is it? What does it mean to have internalized fatphobia or to be fatphobic?

  • When the idea that having a bigger body means you will be unloved or unwanted is simply a belief and that beliefs can be replaced with other beliefs that actually serve you.

  • How a coach or therapist can help you get out of your own head and out of your own way on your road to recovery.

  • How Victoria’s personal story paved the way for her current work now which includes her e-course the Fierce Fatty academy, her TEDx talk, the Fierce Fatty podcast, and her book (links below).

  • How her signature body-loving move is wearing a bikini and dancing around in public with NO apologies. 😊

  • Victoria’s experience being featured in the BBC documentary, Who are You Calling Fat?

  • How to work through intuitive eating and body acceptance when people close to you think you should still be striving for weight loss and a smaller body.

You cannot miss this episode! Victoria knows her stuff and tells it to us straight. She’s not shy letting us know we are ALL fatphobic in some way. How do we figure this out and not let it get in our way of healing? Listen here to find out!

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