435 FBF: The 2000s, A New Reality with Jane Root, CEO of Nutopia & Discover Network


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Today's Flash Back Friday comes from Episode 234, originally published in June 2016.

Jane Root is a leading creative executive producer who has transformed major networks on both sides of the Atlantic, and delivered innovative, acclaimed programming to the content market worldwide in both television and digital. Previously President of Discovery Networks and controller of BBC2, Jane established herself as co-founder of Wall to Wall Television creating a number of hit programs for the British and US markets. In 2008, Jane set up Nutopia and since its launch has created international formats, won awards, achieved record-breaking ratings and pioneered a new genre of television – the mega-doc. Key Takeaways: [1:20] An overarching look at the peaceful beginning of the 2000s [3:05] The flavor of the decades, the 80s created the world we now have, the 90s were peace and prosperity [7:39] The technologies that changed society in the 2000s, starting with Napster [9:31] A look back at the financial side of the 2000s and how it was a continuation of the 90s weakening of restrictions [12:20] The changing speed of technological advances [15:42] Some fun facts about the 2000s Websites Mentioned: www.nutopia.com

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