484: The Membership Economy with Robbie Kellman Baxter


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Subscription services have become a regular facet of modern business. Robbie Kellman Baxter shares her expertise with Jason Hartman. Robbie discusses details of when a company should apply subscriptions, how a business model changes, and why the sale doesn’t end when a client subscribes. Over-complication is a sure way to detract potential clients. Keep it simple, and keep the client feeling valued with a model that is always up-to-date.

Key Takeaways:

[2:30] Surprising subscription services from the unexpected business.

[4:30] The concept of having a subscription is that it’s a different way of the packaging value.

[9:00] How can a business optimize its services for a subscription-based model?

[11:00] Keep your customers by keeping your subscription simple.

[12:45] Reasons for a free trial: I don’t understand it, or it’s too good to be true.

[17:00] When is a membership model good for your business?

[24:00] What are the best retention models?

[26:00] Everyone talks about tracking churn?




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