179: The Deep Truths You and Your Brand Need to Say with Rebeca Arbona [Finding Your Voice Series]


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When my guest said this during our conversation, we both stopped to write it down because it was so good:

“You can’t attract the like-minded to you if you don’t speak your mind.”

Boom. Mic drop.

This is an incredible conversation, one you’re likely to listen to more than once.

Why do some brands resonate more than others?

How can you connect with your audience in a deeper way?

How do you find what your deeper truth is?

My guest is Rebeca Arbona, who is an expert in helping companies develop their brand voice and strategy.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The 3 layers of truths in your brand
  • The key ingredient you need to add to why you do what you do (you’ll hear me stumble into this)
  • How our values connect to our deeper truths
  • Why sharing your deep truths makes you feel more fulfilled
  • Why we don’t share our deep truths
  • How saying what’s scary can actually be safer
  • What does it mean to “be authentic”
  • Examples of brands that get this
  • Identifying your passion and the lens through which you see the world

This episode is the first in our new podcast series on “Finding Your Voice.”

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About My Guest: Rebeca Arbona lives to help brands communicate the truths at their core so they can leap from tall buildings and crush their villains. She’s always been a word geek and, as a kid, read the dictionary for fun, but she somehow ended up with a career in Brand Strategy. So when Rebeca realized that naming combines her love of words with her talent for brand strategy, it was like a radioactive spider bite that unleashed her superpower. She’s now a Strategic Namer and New Brand Creator, crafting breakthrough names and distinctive brands that help her client’s businesses fly.

Follow Rebeca’s #tellthetruths weekly video series on LinkedIn to catch her atomic blue hair and insightful, quirky takes on the strategy of naming, brand strategy, and why the truth matters to brands that want to be super.

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