Special Education Advocate Lynda Zussman


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About Lynda Zussman

Lynda is an Educational Consultant and Advocate who helps families with the Special Education process to receive the best placement and services for their special needs child.

She maintains a credential in the State of California in Regular and Special Education and works in three different school districts. She is an expert at conducting IEP meetings and now consults privately to families.

Lynda believes there are no learning disabled students, only learning disabled teaching methods. All students can learn and be successful.


  • Personal History and Assessment
  • Classroom Observation
  • School/classroom observations
  • Home Visit
  • S.S.T. Meeting – Student Study Team
  • I.E.P. – Individual Educational Plan
  • 504 Plan – Modifications and Accommodations
  • Goals and Objectives
  • Woodcock-Johnson Testing
  • Private Tutoring


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