59: ooOoOOHH


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  • Battlebots Bingo
    • Welcome to a world where the shownotes don't really exist!
      • Instead, all the key info can be found here
  • The final cards
    • Roasting Robots
    • Robocast
      • Khajit has Wares: was there a behind the scenes segment showing Bloodsport borrowing the self-righting pole?
      • Spinnerproof Sam offered £5/$5 for anybody who got a full house
      • Fight Court Reboot: The live audience when there's a 'controversial' JD
        • Ryan doesn't know the difference betwene Wan Hoo and Railgun Max
      • Back Asswards: Episode 12, fight 2 (SOW vs Kraken): "Kraken jams up that spinner!"
    • Spinnerproof
      • Apologies to Craig Danby: this may be revisited when a Foxtrot basement fight comes out
      • A New Hero Rises: 64/66 is 96.969696969%
        • Nice.
    • Breaking the tie
      • WE WIN!
      • Or nobody wins?
    • Who gave the kindest predictions?
      • 9 of Roasting Robots' 16 predictions scored points
        • 4 of these went to Robocast, 3 to Spinnerproof, and 2 back to RR
      • 8 of Robocast's 16 predictions scored points
        • 5 of these went to RR, 2 to Spinnerproof, and 1 back to Robocast
      • 5 of Spinnerproof's 16 predictions scored points
        • 3 of these went back to Spinnerproof, while RR and Robocast each received 1
    • That's all the stats. I'm sorry that the heading set an unreasonable expectation.

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