61: Fluffy Ones That Don't Hurt Each Other


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  • Front matter
  • 'Fixing' the Battlebots meta
    • Spinners bad
    • Weight bonuses for non-spinners?
      • Are weight bonuses effective?
      • How do you decide how much is enough?
    • Removing Battlebots' extra barriers to non-spinner success
  • A general discussion about AI and Machine Learning
    • A conversation driven by the sordid tale of Apple's 'sexist' credit card
    • Defining AI, Machine Learning, and AGI (for the purposes of this discussion)
      • AI: A decision-making system designed by a human. Can be debugged.
      • Machine Learning: A system which produces a decision-making system. Built and then trained, can't really be debugged.
      • Artificial General Intelligence (AGI): Sci-fi version of AI which is, or appears to be, a human-level intelligence. Don't worry about it. Yet.
    • Current uses of AI/ML
      • Image/video processing
      • Social media
        • How it all works
        • The wonderful, wholesome, entirely benevolent Netflix algorithm
        • Sam's experiences with Reddit
        • Promoting controversy/outrage
        • Bad technology vs technology being used by bad people
          • Setting 'goals' for ML systems
      • Finance (and other stuff)
        • How bias can develop within an ML system
      • Medicine
        • Cancer detection
        • What happens when the machine causes a human death?
          • The impact of one life lost vs x lives saved
        • Potential bad implementations of the technology
      • Crime 'prevention'
    • How to be better

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