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My next guest on the Spirit Box is multi talented, witch Chaweon Koo. An algorithm magick maestro Chaweon is a successful youtuber, tiktoker and make up artist with a huge following. If you’re a content creator, you’d do well to listen closely as Chaweon is dropping some knowledge.

We discuss Technomancy, Gen Z, WitchTok. The truly global power and reach of social media and the mindset needed to practice Algorithm magick successfully

Chaweon will also be speaking at AvalonCon this coming summer so do check the show notes for links to get tickets.
In the plus show we delve deeper into Algorithm magick and the future of technology in engagement. But also why there has been such a huge boom in the occult and esoteric world. Why getting paid for your time and expertise is good.

Before you hit play Chaweon recently released a very important video on the wave of hate crimes against asian people in numerous countries. It horrendous and I encourage you all to share it far and wide. It’s part of a wider campaign with the hashtag #stopasianhate.

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