#55 / Elise Oursa, 'the Devil made me do it.'


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For episode #55 we welcome back Witch and Tarot teacher, Elise Oursa to the Spirit Box to take us through how her work on the 'Blood and Ink' tarot has developed since she was first on the show back in episode #21.

"The Blood & Ink Tarot is a channelled deck, you could say a collaboration between myself and an Unseen who worked through me, fiercely and rapidly over the course of a single weekend just after Imbolc 2020. The wheel has now gone full circle. and it is time to release the deck into the world."

We get into an update on the 'Blood and Ink' deck and some of the weird occurrences that have happened and continue to happen to both Elise and some of the people who’ve purchased the limited edition decks.
We talk about cunning woman Ellen Hayward, creativity and spirit contact and we get into Coffee and cards, Elise’s card group on facebook.
In the plus section of the show Elise does a card draw for me and we go into her book project updates and new art projects updates.
If you want to get a 'Blood and Ink' deck, you better get on it as there are a limited number remaining. So do check the show notes below for the appropriate links.

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