After Party Chat with Kelle Sparta - Kelle's Pilgrim's Passport


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As many of you may have heard in recent episodes, Kelle has started a Patreon site to help support the work being done on Spirit Sherpa. Among the many benefits of becoming a supporter, those who subscribe at the level of "Hugs" or above will have access to bonus episode content from Kelle and her guests. We're calling this the Spirit Sherpa After Party. Kelle wants to share with everyone an example of what you can expect to hear in the After Party chats each month.

In this chat, Kelle shares a story about her Pilgrim's Passport as well as some really cool details about her "driveabout" that you haven't heard before on Spirit Sherpa. For access to this bonus episode, the links and pictures that Kelle talks about, as well as other cool After Party chats (a new one each month), and loads of other bonus content from Kelle and her guests...head over to to become a supporter today!

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