EP 164: The Ashram Exit Strategy with Kim Carpenter


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In this episode, Devi chats with Kim Carpenter about "The Ashram Exit Strategy". Kim is the Founder of World Changing Women, where she helps women successfully grow businesses that make the world a better place. Her career began in 1996, leading accounts in New York City's top advertising and digital marketing agencies, where her client roster included The United Nations, MasterCard, Blue Shield, Nike, Pepsi and Office Max. Kim has mentored hundreds of entrepreneurial women in how to create stand-out marketing strategies so they can exponentially grow their reach, revenue and impact.

Devi and Kim discuss:

  • Kim’s inspiring life journey in taking a leap off of the corporate ladder into an ashram
  • How Kim started her career
  • Starting on your own spiritual path
  • Doing good for the World
  • Kim's dream of going to India
  • Taking a transformational journey
  • Meditating to "loosen up"
  • Kim's exciting ashram experience
  • Sitting and being grateful
  • Coming out from the ashram
  • Dealing with culture shock through meditation
  • Having a community of support
  • Aligning with your soul
  • Being successful as a woman
  • Listening to that small still voice
  • Where the truth will always be

and more…

Connect with Kim @ www.kimcarpenter.net, www.worldchangingwomen.com

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