Pride of Olympus


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Mount Olympus Presents: PRIDE OF OLYMPUS Celestial Olympianism in Action ARCHONS AND AEONS Produced by Hercules Invictus Recorded Thursday 12/5/19, 9-11 PM EDT I. NICK CURTO PRESENTS: THE DISCLOSURE NETWORK, Host: Nick Curto, Guest: Jennifer Stein Topic: Gobeklie Tepke II. OTHERWORLD ADVENTURES, Host: Hercules Invictus, Mythic Gaming Preview II: UNARIUN REVELATIONS, Host: Hercules Invictus, Guests: Celeste Appel, Paula Rich Greenwood: Topic: What was Jesus Really Teaching? A Disclaimer: Aristotle suggested that entertaining new thoughts without feeling obliged to accept them is a wise practice to cultivate. We agree. Our Olympian podcasts explore interesting thoughts and viewpoints on a variety of topics, including health, religion and politics. Our exploration is one of personal opinions and sometimes systems of belief. Our discussions in this forum, though sincere and enthusiastic, are not to be construed as Olympian endorsements of any particular point of view.

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