Episode 22 (Season 2, Episode 3) - Caroline Strang


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Today on the podcast I'm joined by Caroline Strang.

Caroline is known for her work with bees, horses, dogs, and scarves.

She received her undergraduate degree in psychology from the University of Toronto where she worked closely with someone you have have heard of, Sara Shettleworth.

She then went on to work at the University of Western Ontario with someone else who has come up a lot on the podcast, David Sherry.

Once she finished up her PhD she moved down to UT Austin and became a postdoc with Felicity Muth in their biology department.

We talked about her work with David on bumblebee vs. honeybee cognition as well as her stuff on reversal learning in bumblebees. We also talked a bit about her work during her postdoc and of course other stuff.

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