Divination Part 3: Tarot


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Spooky Boy and the Spirit Sisters talk about cartomancy, or the use of Tarot and Oracle cards as they dive into the third part of their divination series. Listen as the team talk history, their practices, and different tips and tricks on how to hone your own readings.

ONE lucky winner will win a custom planchette by Under the Ogham Tree and a one-on-one tarot reading with a Spirit Sister of their choice!
TAMED WILD | 3 Card Ritual Pull & Cloth:
This is a twist on the classic three card tarot draw. Using their Wild Rituals Deck, they have created a ritual card lay that will aid in your practice as well as bring you deeper into your intentions.

Each ritual is broken down into 5 sections: Purpose, History & Lore, Tools, Ritual Instructions & Mantra

Example rituals included are: Abundance, Acceptance, Prosperity, Calling upon Ancestors, Protection, Safe Travel...

Each card has hand painted art by the talented Zarina Karapetyan (@zarinakay_ ) and include words authored by the magical Jillian Kristina (@root_down)

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