Rise Up and Carve with Chuck Trella


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On episode 9 my guest is Chuck Trella @chuck.trella_woodsmyths

Chuck is the founder of the online carving meet up, Rise up and carve. This is a daily virtual Spoon carving gathering that started in February 2019.

In our conversation Chuck talks about how and why he initially got started carving Spoons and how taking part in @emmet_van_driesche’s Virtual apprenticeship challenge a few years ago with the call to give back, helped him come up with the idea to start RUAC.

Since then it has become a fantastic platform for anyone interested in carving to connect with other enthusiastic spoons carvers from around the world.

Find Chuck on his Instagram @chuck.trella_woodsmyths and website: www.riseupandcarve.com/

And the rise up and carve group: @riseupandcarve

Hosted by Simon Pouly @rootsspoons

Editing and Producing: Julia Pouly

Music: Pixabay

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