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Thank you to West Philly's own DJ Aktive for coming on my show for an interview! DJ Aktive talked about growing up in West Philly, meeting Will Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff for the first time, and receiving his first set of turntables. He discussed interning at Power 99 FM, getting his start of touring with Musiq Soulchild, and becoming Janet Jackson's tour DJ. He got into auditioning in Puff Daddy's living room to be the Bad Boy Reunion tour DJ, Kanye getting strict with him for his scratches on the 808s & Heartbreak Tour, and Nas calling him out in the middle of a performance because he didn't know the words to one of the songs on Stillmatic. He also talked about him and Nas discussing a song together for Aktive's upcoming album Chill Vibes Vol. 1, his 2019 debut album The Tour, and DJing for NBC's That's My Jam with Jimmy Fallon. DJ Aktive mentioned that he wants to open up The Philadelphia DJ school to help the youth learn how to DJ and to teach them the history of Hip-Hop. He also has a new album called Chill Vibes Vol. 1 on the way. Stay tuned!

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