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Shoutout to Arizona's own up and coming emcee Murkemz for coming on my show for an interview! Murkemz discussed growing up in Woodside in Queens, NY, moving to Arizona, and the Arizona Hip-Hop scene growing. He talked about his influences including Bone Thugs-N-Harmony and Big L, taking DMX's It's Dark and Hell Is Hot and Eminem's The Slim Shady LP from his mother, and the bars that he wrote down that sparked his Hip-Hop career. He got into what it meant for him to freestyle on Funk Flex, Ice T inviting him as a guest to his 10th anniversary of The Art of Rap, and Layzie Bone offering to mentor him. He also talked about Diamond D reaching out to him on Instagram to get him on The Diam Piece 3, his song Moonwalk Through Customs getting played in the 2019 The Shaft movie with Samuel L. Jackson, and getting connected with Ras Kass for their song Farewell. Murkemz announced that he will be dropping a new album before the summer as well as new freestyles. Stay tuned!

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