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Big thank you to the comedy legend TK Kirkland for coming on my show for an interview! TK Kirkland talked about opening up for acts such as: Patti LaBelle, N.W.A., DMX, The Whispers, MC Hammer, and Tone Loc. He discussed when he found his rapport on stage as a comedian, getting banned from the N.W.A. tour, and plans of him and Eazy-E starting Ruthless Comedy before Eazy-E passed away. He got into being selected for a scared straight program when he was younger, starting out doing skits in college at Arizona State, and raising money for Maxine Waters. He also talked about performing for 50 Cent and Eminem on MTV, Jay-Z performing at his birthday in Harlem in 1995 before Reasonable Doubt released, and working with Vin Diesel in the 1997 movie Strays. He closed out the show giving his reaction to and thoughts on the Will Smith Oscars incident as well as what he has coming up in the near future. Stay tuned!

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