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Big thank you to Miami, Florida's own Zoey Dollaz for coming on my show for an interview! Zoey talked about the significance of the title of his new Thank You For Doubting Me EP, signing a bad deal early on in his career, and his experience freestyling for Funk Flex. He discussed being inspired by New York Hip-Hop artists such as: Jay-Z, Lloyd Banks, Big L, AZ, and 50 Cent, his first interest being R&B, and working with Chris Brown on their hit song Post & Delete. He got into Jim Jones serving as his mentor, being kicked out of high school and going back to get his diploma for his mom, and how being shot a few years ago changed his outlook on life. He spoke about meeting Jay-Z twice, Allen Iverson being a fan of his music, and how he was talking to XXXTENTACION on the phone 15 minutes before he was tragically killed. Zoey also got into how he considered giving up around the time of his album Last Year Being Humble, signing with Future and L.A. Reid, and remembering the late great DJ KaySlay. Stay tuned for Zoey's new Thank You For Doubting Me EP that will be dropping on digital streaming platforms this Friday!

Zoey Dollaz's new Thank You For Doubting Me EP is available exclusively on YouTube now: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLD02EFSCY45RPZnMsvPSUrpwyxmBwl_cu.

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