Adrian Bevington: Crisis communications, football and the coronavirus


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The communication principles to use in the coronavirus crisis

The differences of approach around European football

Rights and wrongs of a holding statement

The possible repositioning of football after we return - “We could be a better society at the end of this, one where we are kinder”

Reframing the narrative around the game

Collaborative working between clubs

Looking back at changes during Adrian’s time as Director of Communications for the England team

The first Twitter World Cup

The influence of Gareth Southgate in England’s recent PR revival

The change in newspapers’ influence and tone in recent decades

How England players like Lampard, Gerrard etc learnt to handle the media

The rigours of the role - being on call 24/7, arguments, powerful personalities

How to use social media to correct negative stories

The move to become MD of Team England

The rarity of moving into a leadership role with a background in communications

In the post-coronavirus football world will the leadership of football clubs lean more to communications and community?

Moving to the FA of Wales for this their successful Euro

The pressure of certain countries/club and how that can stifle joy

Extrapolating a positive culture when you have a great leader

Values - creating them and communicating them. “Values are not just words, Values are what you live”

Having stretch targets and creating transparency with supporters

The pressure of success and how that affects values

Adrian’s key tips for sporting organisations when we emerge from the coronavirus

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