Adrian Warner: Redundancy and re-evaluation in sports media after COVID-19


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Adrian Warner

Adrian Warner

Like everything else, the sports media industry may be irrevocably changed in the wake of the Coronavirus crisis. The loss of matches, Tests, bouts and races has not only affected players, clubs and leagues but made an immediate impact in related industries such as media, broadcasting, hospitality and gambling. Adrian Warner went through a significant change in his career a few years ago when he was made redundant from his role as a sports reporter for the BBC. He wrote a book about how to handle the emotional and practical side of having to change when your job ends. From coping with anger, dealing with former colleagues to getting your CV ready to re-enter the job market and understanding what really makes you happy, Adrian has many lessons for those who may be affected by the economic issues that follow COVID-19


Writing his book on coping with redundancy

Lessons for the current coronavirus crisis

Getting out in front of the problem

Dealing with the emotions of a job change

Learning to accept that anger will never go away completely

Ignoring the social media skills of older people

The cull of older journalists in the search of a youthful audience

The attention span issue - does that affect the way sports media is taught today?

The importance of 'reading long' and looking for analysis

Why the podcast movement is an indication of the importance of depth

Radio is the medium you consume while doing something else

Concerns about the sports industry and the sports media industry going forward - "It is very hard for sport to continue in the same way"

The positive possibilities for sports after Coronavirus

The positive developments that have occurred from Adrian's life change

The law of diminishing returns in sports media, even in going to World Cups and Olympics

Turning your hobby into your job

His advice for students at the end of their course

"Use this as a moment to change direction in a positive way"


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