Chester King: The role of the British Esports Association


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Definitions of esports and gaming

The rule of the British Esports Association - "We're a national body not a governing body"

The medal event at the Rio Olympics, helped by the UK Government

Why the IOC wants every sport to have a "gaming strategy"

The role of the game FIFA in the spread of football in the US

Passive media v active and social media

The RAF scheme to combat loneliness

The potential benefits of esports in fighting dementia

The digital disconnect and importance of treating players as athletes

Opening up career pathways in esports. The size of the industry

The diversity issues in esports and how to solve them

The possibility of women-only tournaments

The development of veterans' tournament

The effect of lockdown on esports and why it was not all upside

Is investment growing on the back of lockdown? "The UK is the black hole of esports investment"

The cost of running an esports side

The importance of getting brands involved, especially in the UK

The problem of toxicity in esports and the ways to combat it

Chester's current to-do list

The problem of planning ahead in esports

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