Julian Valentin: Rockies, social media and ballpark figures


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3:00 The Rockies content strategy in a nutshell

3.50 The targeting and segmenting

5:00 Coping with that huge number of games

7:10 Turning a ‘chip on the shoulder’ into a positive

8:30 Creating content around that

9.40 Interacting with the fans and, when necessary, standing your ground

10.51 What tells them that fans want their attention

11.16 Buy-in from the top on reacting to fans

13:02 Creating continuity of voice

15:07 How they staff a game

17:07 The advantage of having a dual role – social media and player relations

19:40 The ideas that have worked… and the ones that have failed.

20:52 The KPIs they look to

22:31 Why “be interesting” is not enough as content strategy. It must be attached to a Rockies feel

24:02 The analytics tools he uses

25:10 The relationship between MLB and the clubs

26:25 The legacy of MLB Advanced Media and its digital/ social media innovation

28:44 MLB’s rules changes and the Facebook deal

31:34 Publications strategy, is it worth it?

33:45 The value of very long-form content

37:45 Why still images can be > video

39:45 The move towards monetisation

42: 34 Cultivating creativity

44:16 Does being an ex-pro athlete help his role?

46:37 The content emphasis placed on the home opener

48:12 His favourite MLB content teams

50:01 Looking outside of sport for inspiration

52:13 The difference in tone and voice for college teams vs the pro teams

53.03 Where to take sports digital and sports content

54.15 Will there be an EVP or SVP of content

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