Michael Calvin: How to write a sports book


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Why did he choose to move into authorship?

How has he chosen the subjects for solo projects?

How did the fly-on-the-wall book about Millwall develop?

Becoming part of the team and understanding their problems and insecurities - “It had to be warts-n-all”

Having faith in yourself and self-publishing

The modern battle between the written word and video - “Access is just another product to be commercialised”

Why TV is ‘fast food’ but writing a book is a ‘four-course meal’

How the book about scouting began

Why the title is key? - “You can sell a book on a title”

The importance of questions - having them at the start of the process and do they evolve

What his book on managers taught him

Emphasising the humanity of the individual

The writing process - when to interview, when to write

Selling the book yourself - “don’t underestimate the power of mateship”

Journalists are now brands in their own right

Quality journalism v modern churnalism

The exploitation of young players in No Hunger in Paradise

Has the growth of sports business made the game inhumane?

The Americanisation and corporatisation of football

How the Accrington Stanley management team know 400 supporters by their first name

“Because my dad does” is the essence of football

The purity of non-League football

The tipping point for arrogant clubs who disregard the customer

The art v science debate raging at football clubs

Co-writing books with famous athletes - the honest and pain

Why he had to sleep in Gareth Thomas’ bed when writing his book

The key question about his sexuality and the place he had picked for his suicide

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