Pearse Connolly/Ted Matthews: Meaning > Branding for Norway's national football team


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3.00 The concept of adopting sacred theory in service design

5.12. The sociological approach and the ‘sullied’ nature of modern football

8.28 Making it practical

11.41 Finding the ‘Grand Narrative’

12.34 The crucial ‘frictionless’ matchday experience

14.35 Making the players’ bus arrival a meaningful moment

17.06 Appealing to the senses

18.40 The call-up box

21.20 Rolling out the fanzone to the clubs.

23.12 How do you prove success?

25.01 The concept of a winning team, can its importance be minimised?

25.45 Understanding why Gen Z and Millennials gather in crowds.

27.20 Can or should this be commercialised?

29.45 Do you get push back from fans because they feel this is ‘their’ role?

33.34 The cost breakdown

35.30 How to work out financial success

37.50 The lessons for major clubs looking to develop a fanbase overseas

47.13 How stories are celebrated through rituals

50.40 The applicability to clubs

53.20 Ownership of culture and whether it can be transferred

55.23 Application to mass participation level

55.52 The possibility of having to deconstruct a story

57.34 The future for this model

1.01.15 The uniqueness of this approach

1.04.35 The problems of a lone approach

1.06.00 ‘Hard data only backs up your emotional decision’

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