Roddy McDougall: Is there life left in British speedway?


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The two golden eras of British speedway - immediately post-war and 60/70s

How Wembley drew more than 1m speedway spectators in 1956

The downward spiral since the 1980s - from over 90,000 watching Bruce Penhall at Wembley in 1982 to just over 1,000 at top-flight meets

The origin story of speedway. High Beech in 1928

The World of Sport days and the significance of its loss. Being late to "live sports"

The comparison to snooker and darts in the UK

The importance of an entrepreneurial influence

The dislocation of speedway teams because promoters do not own their tracks

The working-class nature of speedway. The crossover with greyhound racing

"It's a £10 sport" and does that work anymore? Is it possible to monetise it in the way of modern sports business

The new speedway venue in Manchester

Why successful speedway teams like Workington went under as well as less successful clubs

Attracting sponsors, especially when you are outside big cities

The ageing demographics of modern speedway

The movement of club and riders 'doubling up' affecting the identity in the fanbase

The famous stat that speedway was the second most popular spectator sport in the UK

The demise in the number of teams

The TV deals in the UK - Sky, BT, Eurosport

Newspaper coverage. Only the Daily Star is still flying the flag

The European Grand Prix How the Cardiff event manages to cut-through with an attendance of 40,000

The growth of the sport in Europe, especially Poland

Should UK speedway become a polish feeder league?

What would Roddy do to carve a future for UK speedway?

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