Tim Hinchey: Medals, membership and fast-lane change


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His early work at USA Swimming

The issues of modernisation

Communicating with swim parents

Launching into CRM and the content strategy that feeds it

The Olympic Trails and their commercialisation and sponsorship activation

Lessons from being an American at Derby County

The television and live streaming strategy

The importance of top stars in keeping USA Swimming relevant, especially outside the Olympics

How a new swim league is allowing swimmers to create interest and sponsorship

The Olympics restrictions on commercialisation by athletes and how they might change

Safe Sport – how has USA Swimming reacted to Larry Nassar case in gymnastics

The breadth of his role. Being judged on medals but having to care for the recreational

Why swimming may fit perfectly in the modern world

The cost of giving back. Why membership dues have not changed in over 30 years

Why transparency is key for a non-profit

The fast-track learning in a period of significant growth in MLS

USA Swimming’s relationship with para-swimming – “We are supporters on the sidelines”

The Olympics targets and priorities

Leveraging Olympic success to create new fans

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