Episode 33 - Big Weekend, Champions League, Bat Flips, NBA Playoffs, ft. Liam and Noel Gallagher


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Not yet recovered from 4/20, Easter and Earth Day? Well the Sports Lordz have and they are back with another “classic” episode. This week, the Lordz recap their trip to see Atlanta’s own Black Lips here in New York City, as well as the madness that was The Champions League quarterfinals. The discussion then turns to Major League Baseball and the dumb controversy surrounding the flipping of bats. Kevin fills us in on his softball team’s run in with a moody umpire and Jimmy gives us his late night talk show host audition, which leads us to talk bitterly about the entertainment industry and the current WGA issue. Things get a little serious as the Lordz discuss Luke Walton’s disgusting behavior along with other Laker creeps that somehow get a pass. Then we get into the NBA playoffs and Diego offers up his air-tight conspiracy theory regarding the king of beers. Man City ultras and founding members of the rock band Oasis, Liam and Noel Gallagher, drop by the Sportatorium to talk footie, argue with each other, and promote downtown Manchester as the place to be in jolly old England. The episode closes out with another intense set of DABS! Follow us on twitter @SportsLordz

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