Episode 41 - Raptors Win, Blues Win, NBA Craziness, Baseball Slobs, ft. The Ghost of Rob Ford


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It’s been a week full of championships and podcast champs, the Sports Lordz have got you covered. This week, the Sports Lordz discuss whether they should look into making an American reboot of Austin Powers starring announcer Herb Nerdsworth, and whether Herb is an actual HR nightmare. The Lordz reminisce about old baseball slobs, a dying breed in Major League Baseball today, and ask the Serfs to submit their favorite baseball slobs via twitter.com. Then the Lordz get into the NBA and discuss the Raptors winning it all, Anthony Davis moving to the Lakers, and the NBA Draft. After failing to do so the last few weeks, a very deserving Lord of the Week is crowned, and there is discussion into Drake’s gooberism. Diego also watched Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals and the Lordz discuss a little hockey. The conversation then shifts to the MLB, the Braves, and the outlook of the upcoming season, as well as Kevin revealing that he may or may not have met Jesus outside of his apartment. Later, the ghost of former Toronto mayor, Rob Ford, descends from heaven to the Sportatorium as he’s been celebrating the Raptors championship. He tells us about all he’s doing in heaven, who he hangs out with, and give us a sneak peek at what to expect in the afterlife. This championship episode ends with some championship DABS! This episode is brought to you by David Wells’ Light Beer. He pitched a perfect game! Follow us on twitter @SportsLordz

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