Inky Johnson - Former Tennessee Football Player, Motivational Speaker


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Today we listen to a portion of our inspiring interview with former Tennessee Volunteers football player Inky Johnson.

With a dream of playing in the NFL, Johnson rose from a life of poverty and drugs in the ghetto of Atlanta to play college football with the Volunteers. In 2006, his dream was shattered when he suffered a life-altering injury on the football field that would take him from starting defensive back to sitting in a hospital wondering if his life would ever be the same.

Today, Johnson travels the country sharing his story and encouraging others as a motivational speaker. He’s a mentor to many athletes and teams both in college and professional sports.

On this Throwback edition of the podcast, we turn it back to May of 2018, Episode 112 with Inky sharing his story of faith and how an accident on the football field changed his life forever.

You can listen to the entire interview with Inky from May of 2018 here.

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