N.F.C. - 6 Years With Uno with Kyle Heuerman


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What is the longest you have chased one particular buck? On this episode of the Nine Finger Chronicles, Dan talks with fellow bowhunter Kyle Heuerman about Uno, a huge buck that he chased for six years.

Kyle shares the entire story. From the first trailcamera picture to the properties this buck called home, to the several encounters he had with Uno from the tree. He explains Uno's unique annual travel pattern as well as Kyle's outside of the box thinking that led him to changing his hunting strategy.

But this story goes deeper than just a bowhunter and a big buck, this story shows that when your family needs you, you quit everything and put bowhunting in backseat. At the same time, this story is about the passion we have for the animals we hunt and the support out family gives us for this very selfish sport.

This is the story of Uno.

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