Southern Ground Hunting - What Are Your Biggest Deer Hunting Regrets?


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As hunters, it's our responsibility to make sure we have no regrets when it comes to our time spent in the woods. This is a sport that we are all passionate about. We live and breathe whitetails. Where's the fun in having regrets about something you love so much? In fact, the entire Southern Ground Hunting brand is built on the idea that we chase the experience that we desire, which leaves little room for regret. That said, the truth is that we all probably have a little bit of regret if we're being honest. Whether it be the a buck that got away because we weren't practiced and ready, or maybe you made a bad decision to take an unethical shot at last light. Whatever the case, if we all thought about it, we could probably all come up with a list of things that maybe we would do differently if given a second chance. In this episode, Parker and Drew have a candid conversation about some of the regrets they have experienced in their years of experience in the whitetail woods. In typical Southern Ground fashion, we're not just simply going to tell you those stories. The guys try to take this opportunity to share the lessons they learned through the regrets. The things that made them better at the sport because of these experiences. Chances are that you've probably experienced some of the same scenarios, but if you haven't then maybe you'll learn something through their failures.

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