Land & Legacy - The Great Debate Food vs. Cover


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Oftentimes the debate of food versus cover has caused heated discussions among hunters. Here is the quick and simple explanation, the answer is both. Why would you attempt to manage for either one without the other? That does not make sense. Great food without quality cover in close proximity is useless. In comparison, only having cover and no food is severely limiting!

After a recent trip to the incredible state of Iowa, this debate becomes incredibly clearer. The vast amount of acres of food literally covered the landscape from tillable crops to alfalfa, and legume heavy pastures. This amount of food is great, but it is only available for 5-6 months out of the year, then the food supply drops drastically. Imagine a place where the food supply does not stop or is at least sustainable throughout the remainder of the year. In contrast, cover of high quality is limited in Iowa as well. Some old field areas or CRP offer solid cover, but even this has times when it is less than ideal cover. Young forests are very rare, so adequate winter cover is rare.

It is important to remember that food and cover is not a decision to be made. Both are just as equally as important to have on a property. As good as Iowa is, it has holes and could use improvement. #ForLoveoftheLand

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