Kingdom Hearts 2 Part 4 - Santa Loves Me


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This time Kingdom Hearts 2 really swings for the bleachers with nothin' but hits, from Aladdin to Little Mermaids and Pirates of the Carribbean! It's tough to reach a consensus on all this finny fun, but there's plenty to enjoy such as: - Gilbert Gottfried's newest sponsors - Aladdin's Whole Other Family - Vanessa's shocking Pirates confession - A phone call to Magical Disney Locker Supply - Way too much singing This Week: Atlantica, Port Royal, Halloween Town, Agrabah Next Week: Pride Lands, Hollow Bastion Battle & Space Paranoids, Land of Dragons Part 2 Our Patreon: Contact Square Roots! Twitter: @squarerootspod Facebook: Email: squarerootspodcast (at) gmail (dort) com This Season's Theme by GFATMusic

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