Kingdom Hearts 2 Part 8 - Better Than The Marvel Movies


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The gang has mixed feelings over the ending of Kingdom Hearts 2 and are left with a lot of questions, like:

- Did any of this make sense? - Why did Johnny yell at Matthew? - Does what happened to Riku make more sense than the Marvel movies? - Should you be pressing the Y / triangle button more? Or the X / Square? Or not? - How do you pronounce Saix? - And of course, the long requested: would you eat this summon?

This Week: We finish Kingdom Hearts 2, Thank God Next Week: Kaim goes to jail after defeating a big ol' wormy boy in Lost Odyssey Our Patreon: Contact Square Roots! Twitter: @squarerootspod Facebook: Email: squarerootspodcast (at) gmail (dort) com This Season's Theme by GFATMusic

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