Mass Effect 2 Part 3 - Avocado Nom


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Finally, we get the whole team together in this action-packed chunker of Mass Effect! This week: tum-tums are punched and shot, we lean into our kids show host natures, Vanessa wants to Shape of Water Thane, people get sucked down the Illusive Man Space YouTube hole, Biotic Space God Niftu Cal, recruiting Timothy Olyphant and Snooki to help finish the fight, IRL Samara, Tattooed Teenage Fighters from Beverly Hills, ASMR Harbinger, and everyone's favorite Vader lines. This Week: We finish recruiting Space Friends! Next Week: We do all the Loyalty Missions! Our Patreon: Thanks to Ro Panuganti and Lord Bif for letting us use their cover of Mass Effect 2's Suicide Mission: Check out Ro Panuganti's YouTube channel here: Check out Lord Bif's YouTube channel here: And the video for this track is here: Contact Square Roots! Twitter: @squarerootspod Facebook: Email: squarerootspodcast (at) gmail (dort) com

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