Episode 156 - Thylacines with Folklorist Daisy Ahlstone


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Folklorist and self-described "enthusiasm enthusiast" Daisy Ahlstone shares some facts, folklore, and even furry art celebrating the thylacine, also known as the Tasmanian tiger, which was declared extinct in the 20th century. This creature exists now somewhere between relic and cryptid, as sightings continue and efforts to find "one last specimen" remain popular. It's image went through a complete overhaul, at one time feared and hunted by colonists who wanted to protect their sheep, yet now revered and domesticated through artwork and role-playing. Ahlstone talks about the extreme commodification of the species, from hunting bounties to gaffed specimens to logos and travel packages luring tourists to Tasmania. Along the way we learn about endlings, necrofauna, and what genetic projects might produce someday.

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