Lessons from GameStop; AMC in the Streaming Wars; Profits for P&G


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The SEC’s long-awaited report on GameStop is finally here, a full 44 pages on the trading frenzy, payment-for-order-flow, and stock market “gamification.” Streaming wars are heating up as Wall Street watches subscriber growth numbers for the industry’s biggest players. Interim AMC Networks CEO Matt Blank shares his own company’s strategy for competing with Netflix, HBOMax, and Amazon Prime, and details a plan to bring linear content to streamers. Procter & Gamble topped analyst expectations in its quarterly report, but commodity and freight costs are weighing on the company’s profits. Vice Chairman and incoming CEO Jon Moeller discusses P&G’s business in China, corporate tax rates, and managing kinks in the supply chain. Plus, Covid vaccine mandates have put even more pressure on the labor force; some employers are dismissing those who refuse to get vaccinated, despite a difficult hiring environment.
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