Carlyle’s David Rubenstein, Mega-Bank Architect Sandy Weill, & a Blast from Warren Buffett’s Past


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Investor, philanthropist, and author David Rubenstein, co-founder of The Carlyle Group, discusses the market sell-off and a bumpy economic recovery amid two simultaneous crises in America. The “father” of big banking, Wall Street legend and former Citigroup head Sandy Weill is working to address inequality by reforming classrooms alongside NAF CEO JD Hoye. Weill and Hoye explain education’s role in closing opportunity gaps for Black Americans, and they offer executives a way to participate. Plus, in 1962, the US markets experienced a “flash crash” in the last 70 minutes of a May trading day. One day later, a 31-year-old Warren Buffett gave an interview on his takeaways from the market’s alarming sell-off. Becky, Joe, and Andrew share an excerpt of that interview and discuss Buffett’s perspective and The Kennedy Slide.

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