[Episode 91] Season 10, Episode 11 of The Walking Dead, "Morning Star"


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#WhispersIntoScreams: Our group has their "Hello Goodbye" as the fife, drum, and #EugenePorter's rendition of "When The Wild Wind Blows" preps us for war with #TheWhisperers.
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* Awesome Cinema Photography and Directing by #MichaelSatrazemis
* Do you trust Stephanie (after #DanteTWD)?
* A setup episode with a good payoff... will #MaggieRhee show up? Will someone #spoil that reveal, too?
* Maggie's odd disappearance and return is a lot to deal with. #RickGrimes won't come back, right? #Jadis
* #EugenePorter has a neurological disability? Regardless, his emotional growth shows.
* "Blue" Weevil called out at the end of #TWDseason9. The Eugene & #RositaEspinosa fake-out. #TheCommonwealth
* #FatherGabriel not long for this world? #LookAtTheFlowers #TwinPeaks #FireWalkWithMe
* Where The Wild Wind Blows: want to analyze the lyrics: https://g.co/kgs/GDqtLm ...The 1986 Animation the song is based on: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0090315
* Carol's Cliff's Notes to the Apocalypse: coming soon
* A lot can happen in a week... apparently. And, eww, Rat Tails
* #EarlSutton & #Alden's bond / #Xenophobia. And is #AaronTWD is asking too much?
* Yumiko is a good leader, but #TheHilltop leading by committee is peak
* Is #DarylDixon allowed to have love? #ConnieTWD
* #JudithGrimes is scared and wants to help. Meanwhile, a BLUE wing for Daryl, please
* #Negan be Negan... right? Right. Wait, right?
* ...Rage #BetaTWD, post #AlphaTWD's death
* #KingEzekiel's & #CarolPeletier's fleeting moments
* "It would feel good" Negan to Alpha, Carol to #LydiaTWD
* Will Judith be just another kid (disassociated) in the apocalypse? Daryl's growth, too. #CarlGrimes
* We're seeing peak Rosita: gets #AndreaHarris' death?
* Being Honest: Daryl to Zeke. Carol to Lydia Parallel: "You should hate me". Carol & Daryl remembering #GlennRhee
* Kelly is a ranger a la #DungeonsAndDragons. Christians be crazy.
* "Daito". What Undead Walking thinks
: https://undeadwalking.com/2020/03/09/judith-daito-season-10-walking-dead/
* The Battle of Hilltop, Background actor shout-outs: William Bell (@VikingGorilla74 on Instagram) & Lance (@MilogyMedia on Instagram). Special voice appearance by Eric Burt (@____eric___989 on Instagram)
* Negan connecting with Alpha? And Alpha's abuse

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