[Episode 92] Season 10, Episode 12 of The Walking Dead, "Walk With Us"


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Walk With *US*: We're #LIVE! Did you miss us? We didn't go anywhere! ...but it's been several months since we've had to take over for #TalkingDead. With the spectre of #coronavirus hanging above us, we knew it was the right thing to do for #TWDFamily.
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* A #GregNicotero Masterpiece
* #CarolPeletier is used to taking punches
* #JudithGrimes’ first kill
* #EugenePorter asking Carol for advice?
* Magna’s reappearance was shocking
* #Negan knows #AlphaTWD wants Guardians
* #TWDSeason9 parallels/callbacks
* Negan was our #DanteTWD
* Negan be Neganing / Carol be Caroling. #AaronTWD
* #BetaTWD finally dubbed “Frowny McTwo-knives”
* #RIPGamma. #GammaTWD
* Negan & #MaggieRhee?
* Where’s #ConnieTWD?
* Alden, Kelly, and Mary are actually what represents #TheHilltop
* Kelly’s neck wound
* Sister, Mary’s, Frances sees the light
* #RyanHurst’s basketball hands will hide his face
* Alden’s “Mercy for the Lost”
* The irony of Eugene & Carol, together
* Feels like #Terminus, with callbacks to #ShaneWalsh
* Did Carol deserve/ask for her “Cherry Cheesecake”?
* The ballads of #MorganJones
* Where is #LydiaTWD?
* #EarlSutton’s patronage & Botched Goodbye in The Hilltop kids’ shack
* When the Omega calls the Alpha on her bullshit
* Yoga with Beta #Satnam
* Did Negan Love Alpha?

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