Why You Should Consider Buying a New Construction Home


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Today I’ve got a list to share with you of the five biggest advantages to buying a new construction home. 1. Everything is new. This one is pretty obvious. Purchasing a new home greatly reduces hidden costs. Additionally, builders typically offer a one-year warranty that covers all the major systems and appliances in the house. 2. You see a true annual savings.Buying a new home means being able to take advantage of the latest in design and efficiency. Appliances, doors, windows, and mechanical systems will be brand new throughout the home, greatly reducing utility and maintenance costs. “Building a home gives you complete design control.” 3. Complete design control. Building a new home gives you this and more. When you have complete design control, everything is the way that you want it from the start. You don’t have to spend time and/or money replacing or redesigning elements of your home. 4. Entertaining is easy.Most new homes have open floor plans that support large groups, making entertaining simple. It was completely designed with large-scale entertaining in mind. 5. That “new home feel.” There is no substitute for the feeling that you get when moving into a brand-new home. The model-like appearance of the home provides a very satisfying feeling of accomplishment and ownership. If you have any questions for me or are thinking about building a new home yourself, give me a call or send me an email. I look forward to hearing from you.

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