Ep. 71 Digital Billboard Marketing with Becca Davis of Blip Billboards


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In this episode REALTORS® Adam Kruse and Shannon St. Pierre talk to Becca Davis about how Blip is making billboards affordable for small business owners. Find out why businesses should be spending more on marketing during a recession.

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Adam Kruse-https://hermannlondon.com/realtor/adam-kruse/

Shannon St. Pierre-https://hermannlondon.com/realtor/shannon-st-pierre/

Becca Davis, Customer Success Rep. for Blip - https://www.blipbillboards.com/

0:45 Adam introduces Becca Davis, Customer Success Rep. for Blip Billboards

1:20 Blip has about 1,400 digital billboards where customers can buy billboard space 7.5-10 seconds at a time

3:22 Blip considers themselves the AirBnB of digital billboards

4:07 Does Blip own the billboards?

5:30 Blip doesn't put up billboards but can help you get in touch with the right people

6:25 It's hard to find billboards on the East Coast outside the big cities

6:40 What makes a billboard different from a mural? Does a billboard owner have to pay taxes?

8:20 If a digital billboard can't fill their spots directly then Blip will fill the empty inventory

9:30 What is the user experience for using Blip Billboards?

10:53 The national average per 8 second Blip is $0.10

11:30 Clients can hire Blip to design the art for them

12:42 How does Blip Billboards track impressions?

15:01 A billboard should be part of a larger marketing campaign

15:31 What REALTOR calls to action work on a billboard?

16:30 There are multiple levels of approval for every design

17:50 What inappropriate things have been submitted to Blip?

18:40 Adam introduced Blip to his agents years ago

19:30 Have people submitted marriage proposals? Do billboards allow personal ads?

20:50 How do clients know when their ad will display? Can clients stop a campaign whenever they want?

24:16 What Blip analytics are available to the client?

25:45 What makes a billboard design good? Are phone numbers useless to put on billboards?

28:45 7 touches are needed to convert someone to your product

29:50 How can you and your friend both earn $75 with the Blip referral program?

Adam’s Blip referral link


31:36 Has Covid made Blip Billboards more affordable? Why should small businesses advertise more during a recession?

33:49 What kind of people have bought billboard space just for fun?

35:24 Does Blip have competitors?

37:30 Adam’s friend regretted signing a contract with a traditional billboard company

39:14 Email becca@blipbillboards.com if you have questions about Blip

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