Digging Out: How To Kickstart Your 2020 Debt Cleanse (with Brian Karimzad)


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Wake up January 1 with a hangover? Even if you didn't "over-imbibe" on alcohol, there's another hangover people suffer from: excess spending. Let's make January a reset month if you overspent last year. As many financial gurus say, "Tomorrow is a new day" and you can decide that you want to grab the reins and control not just your debt but your money in general. Today we sit down with Brian Karimzad, CEO of Magnify Money, on all of the things you can do to make your debt cleanse a success.

During our headlines portion of the show, we'll take a look at how the average 401k fared in 2019. Good, bad... great? If you didn't do well with your retirement plan last year, how do you make a change to improve in 2020? We'll share some ideas. Plus, during our second piece, we'll examine the reason popular financial company Vanguard just eliminated even MORE trading fees.

That's not all, though! We'll throw out the Haven Life Line as well, and answer a voicemail from James who asks for investment advice. What do we think about James choosing top funds from different sectors to invest in? Is it a good strategy? Also, when he leaves the USA, what does he do with his retirement funds?

And of course, we'll always save some time for Doug's trivia.

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