How Did College Get So $%!& Expensive? (with Caitlin Zaloom)


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Why are college costs increasing so fast? While there are lots of theories, only one researcher has reached out to many middle-class families to directly ask them how much money they've spent on college and to get the direct story. Today we talk to her. Caitlin Zaloom joins us on today's podcast to dig in to the problem with college funding. 529 plans? Saving directly with the state using pre-paid tuition? We'll tackle LOTS of scenarios and throw out some ways to solve the problem on today's show.

In our headlines segment, we talk about borrowing money from your 401k plan. Even though you can borrow from it without penalty, just because you can, doesn't mean you should. We'll also dig into the chaos that's been created as some of the biggest brokerage firms in the country swipe fees all the way to ZERO. Is that a good thing?

After a little dose of Doug's trivia, we'll wind up the show by throwing out the Haven Life Line to an anonymous caller who calls out Joe and OG....well, maybe not OG. More directly....just Joe.

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