When Diversification Is Better, But Works Against You


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This year, diversification may have COST you money, as it has many college endowment funds. We'll dive into that topic and three more in our first-ever show that's mostly headlines ripped from the popular financial press! We'll tackle headlines from NPR, CNBC, Marketwatch, and more, including our lead-off story that asks, could your retirement fun be ruining our economy? Also, nine American families living abroad have reported that their life savings, stowed away in a bank, had vanished. Will the bank reimburse their money? Finally, we'll talk about pensions. GE has frozen pensions for over 20,000 employees, and many more are eligible now to take their funds as a lump sum. How does that work? We'll detail all of the factors you need to consider, on today's show.

After a little dose of Doug's trivia, we'll throw out the Haven Life Line to Jan calling all the way from Germany, who says first, that we are awesome, and second, about diversification between accounts. Should he also invest in multiple currencies?

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