Should You Love Your Career? (with Angelo Poli from Metpro)


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When it comes to your career, should you love what you do? A blog post our friend R.L. Graham reads says, "Maybe not." Is that right? We've heard a TON about how you should be PASSIONATE about your work. On today's show we'll ring up Jen Hemphill, host of Her Dinero Matters and long-time friend of the basement, and the amazing Paula Pant from Afford Anything to ask their opinion. Our contributors will give their take on working, finding accomplishment in life, and focusing on what matters.

Halfway through the show, we'll detour from our usual roadmap and swap out our fintech segment for some Friday HEALTH tech. We've had such great conversations on the correlation between health and finance with Angelo Poli from Metpro that we couldn't resist bringing him back to answer LOTS of your questions.

Later we'll answer a Magnify Money call from Patrick: how does someone know if their financial advisor is doing a good job? Sure, there will be good times and bad times, but what's the criteria for judging an advisor's performance?

Of course, we'll always save some times for Doug's trivia.

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