The Reason You Don't Reach Your Goals (with Tom and Ariana Sylvester)


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Ever wonder why you don't reach any of your goals? Tom and Ariana Sylvester were there. Over $70k in debt, newly married...they needed a plan. BUT more than that, they needed a way to STICK TO their plan. Today they join us in the basement to share the method they've used to achieve some amazing goals.

In our headlines segment, we'll discuss a possible merger between two big companies. What happens when you own shares of a company and it's swallowed by another? What happens if the company whose shares you own devours another? We'll use this current news to discuss how mergers work from the viewpoint of a shareholder. Then, after a little dose of Doug's trivia, we'll wind up the show by throwing out the Haven Life line to a lucky listener, as always. Today's question? Is Social Security going to go extinct faster if younger people join the FIRE movement? Enjoy!

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