Top 5 Ways To React To Market Volatility (SB RWD 114)


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Happy Rewind Week Stackers! We're kicking off Monday strong with a special show that used to be a fan-favorite: a Joe and OG Top 5. Today's topic? How to react to market volatility. It was relevant then, and it's relevant now. There's no featured guest on today's show - but there's also a whole bunch more of Joe and OG banter than you'd normally have. (Some people say that's a good enough trade-off).

You can read the short and sweet original show notes below:

It's another Top 5 episode! Today Joe & OG tell you their top 5 ways to handle bouncing markets.

In headlines we tackle the herd mentality down markets create and signs that it's time for a new advisor.

We also fire up the Quotacy hotline for the first time, where Sam asks about stretch IRA rules.

It's all that and more on today's show!

Thanks to Candid and Netsuite for sponsoring the Stacking Benjamins show!

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