What To Do After The Car Crash (with Elizabeth Calora)


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Would you know what to do in the 24 hours after a car accident? What about that next 7 days? The days following an accident is a stressful time, but following the right steps can make a big difference. On today's show we'll talk to Elizabeth Calora, partner at PCVA Law, to talk about what you should do after you are involved in an accident.

During our headlines segment, one retiree placed her life savings into an annuity without knowing the full consequences, (on the advice of a financial advisor). After an uphill battle, PNC bank has finally agreed to refund her money...but is that the full story? Of course it isn't. We'll share the not-so-obvious conclusion during our breakdown. PLUS, we bring you a slice of sunshine (because that's what we do best). It turns out that average 401k savings rates have hit record levels. That's neat...but as yours?

Becky calls our Haven Life Line today. She's over 60 (we didn't ask....she told us!), and she shares that she's worred that she has close to ZERO cash in after-tax accounts. She has good news, though....she DOES have money in Roth accounts that have sat for over 5 years. So does she need an after-tax account? Is she missing anything?

Of course, we'll always have time for Doug's trivia and bunches of fun.

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